Become the Driver of Strategic Decision

"The finance team has already been an enthusiastic adopter of technology and is keen to leverage it more to steer the business."

The Economist Intelligence Unit

Steer Your Organization through Collaboration

Can the finance department drive strategic decisions within the business? The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a global survey to analyze how collaboration is enabling Finance Managers and Executives to execute their strategic mandate. Explore how interdisciplinary collaboration and planning helps you to establish better financial forecasts, integrated risk management and aligned strategic plans.

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Understanding of Business Operations Is Key

The analysis of The Economist Intelligence Unit shows that collaboration and communication skills will be a core component of your job going forward, next to the traditional financial and technical skills.

And 50% of respondents said, "finance executives of the future will need to possess an understanding of business strategy and operations".

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The Economist Report: Learn How to

  • Strengthen your strategic role within the organization

  • Effectively collaboration with other business functions

  • Steer your business to achieve better results

  • Become a thought leader

  • Execute your strategic mandate

  • Create more efficient financial processes